Power Interruptions Needed to Complete Substation Upgrades

Two overnight interruptions to power supply on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, are required during June 2013 to allow ElectraNet to safely finalize a $25 million reinforcement of the Ardrossan West substation, and to progress a $10 million refurbishment of Hummocks substation.  These significant substation works will provide for forecast regional growth in the demand for power, ensuring existing high levels of transmission network safety and reliability are effectively maintained into the future – for the benefit of the entire Mid North region.

Advance notification will be advertised in the Yorke Peninsula Country Times on 14 May and 4 June 2013 regarding the two overnight power interruptions.

ElectraNet’s Executive Manager Network Services, Mr Simon Emms said “Recognizing the economic value and importance of Yorke Peninsula, ElectraNet’s proactive efforts to reinforce transmission substations in the local area to support forecast regional growth – will ensure the existing high levels of transmission network safety and reliability are effectively maintained into the future, for the benefit of the entire Mid North region.”

ElectraNet’s Ardrossan West substation is a key connection point for SA Power Networks’ distribution network on Yorke Peninsula and enables SA Power Networks to distribute power throughout the community to homes, businesses and tourist areas. 

Emms said that the two outages are required to ensure that ElectraNet’s contractors remain safe while the overnight substation works are finalised.  An outage is required due to the radial configuration of the network on Yorke Peninsula. 

“This planned interruption to supply has implemented best-practice planning and innovation, to ensure the safety of our contractors, reduce impact on the local community – while also avoiding the need to mobilize expensive generation support – thus keeping transmission prices at approximately 8% of end user electricity costs.

“The outage times being overnight were identified to be the least disruptive to the community, occurring after the J tariff peak so hot water will be available in the morning, and only one meal time will be impacted.  

“We do sincerely appreciate the community’s patience and understanding during this time,” said Emms.

All efforts will be taken by the crews onsite to ensure the overnight construction works run smoothly and power is restored at the scheduled times.  Note that this work may not proceed if weather conditions are unsuitable or due to unforeseen circumstances. 





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