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Portable Searchlights

Portable Searchlights

Hi-Line Utility Supply is introducing two new technologies in remote controlled portable searchlights. In addition to the standard halogen light, an HID (high intensity discharge) and an LED light are now available.

The HID light has a max beam distance of almost 1 mile (4865 ft) with a peak beam intensity of 550,000 candelas. The LED light reaches a max beam distance of 2933 ft with a peak beam intensity of 200,000 candelas.

These searchlights are ideal for bucket truck operators, line personnel, and installers and they are a must in emergency storm situations. The searchlights feature 370° rotation and 135° tilt and are resistant to both U.V. rays and salt water. A wireless remote allows you to control at a distance.

Hi-Line Utility Supply Co.

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