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Pole Removal

Diversified Products introduces two pole pullers that provide a simplified solution that reduces the chance of equipment damage or worker injury associated with other pole-pulling devices.

The XHD-60 pole puller delivers more than 120,000 lb of pulling force and can handle poles up to 26 inches in diameter. The 1,500-lb unit uses two hydraulic cylinders, each featuring a cam action head with beveled teeth to effectively grip the pole. A set of chains holds the cam heads together during the pulling process. As the cylinders push upward, the cam heads rotate, the teeth dig into the pole and lift it. The cylinder stroke is 24 inches — compared to 15 inches on other pullers — enabling crews to efficiently pull out a pole in fewer cycles. Additionally, the dual-cylinder design causes less damage to poles than other pullers, allowing some poles to be reused.

The HD-30 pole puller provides 60,000 lb of pulling force and can be used on poles up to 18 inches in diameter. The 700-lb puller uses two hydraulic cylinders (also with a cam action head and beveled teeth) and matches the 24-inch cylinder stroke offered by the XHD-60. Both models feature holding valves to prevent the cylinders from drifting down while under load.

Diversified Products www.diversifiedproduct.com

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