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Planning Approval Process Under Way for Proposed Queensland Substation

Powerlink Queensland is seeking Ministerial designation under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 for a proposed new substation near Brigalow to help meet the strong growth in electricity demand across Southern Queensland.

Powerlink Chief Operating Officer Simon Bartlett said the proposed Western Downs Substation was the first step in a major project that will ensure a reliable supply of high voltage electricity is maintained to the growing region for years to come.

“This project includes the proposed Western Downs Substation, to be completed by the summer of 2012/13, and a future 275 kV powerline that will connect the new substation to the Halys Substation near Kingaroy,” Bartlett said.

Powerlink recently advertised in local newspapers its intention to seek Ministerial designation of the land for the substation. Designation is a planning process in which Powerlink seeks the approval of a State Government Minister to identify land for ‘community infrastructure’ (such as a new substation or transmission line).

“The process for designating a substation site follows a detailed environmental assessment process and the related community consultation,” Bartlett said. “Specialist environmental consultant Conics recently completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) report, following consideration of all submissions received on the Draft EIS late last year.

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