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PG&E Upgrades Electrical System to Improve Reliability

PG&E Upgrades Electrical System to Improve Reliability

PG&E is working to improve the electric system in northwest Stockton, Calif. to reduce the number of power outages in the area. As part of PG&E’s commitment to provide customers with safe, reliable and affordable energy, crews worked to find and fix issues that have caused recent power outages, and installed “self-healing” intelligent switches that can restore power to customers within a few minutes by automatically rerouting power.

The nearly $1.6 million project began in August and work is expected to be completed by the end of this month, before winter storm season. The work will benefit approximately 6,400 customers in the area of Bear Creek south to West Ben Holt Drive.

“We are confident that the power line upgrades will result in fewer outages and allow for faster restoration when an outage does occur,” said Nick Glero, manager of PG&E’s Stockton Division. “We understand that any time we complete projects in neighborhoods it affects our customers and we appreciate their understanding as we work to improve our electric system.”

Similar improvements have reduced the number of outages by 30 percent and decreased the average duration by 50 percent. Outages that once lasted an hour or more will be resolved in five minutes or less, using this technology.

PG&E continues to make significant progress in electric reliability that benefits customers throughout its service area. In 2013, the average duration of a service interruption for a PG&E customer fell to an all-time low, and customers also experienced the fewest service interruptions in company history. Customers have seen a 40 percent improvement in the average duration of service disruptions and a 27 percent improvement in the number of customer interruptions since 2006.

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