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PECO Restores Service to Nearly All Affected by Hurricane Irene

Since damaging Hurricane Irene moved through the eastern Pennsylvania region on August 28, PECO’s massive field force has restored service to nearly all of the half million customers who were without power. Crews are currently focused on remaining jobs, each of which could require hours and hours of work.

Working 12 to 16 hour shifts – around the clock – more than 4,000 PECO employees, contractors and workers (from as far away as Pittsburgh, Florida, Michigan and PECO’s Chicago-based sister utility ComEd) have worked tirelessly to repair damage and restore service to customers.

In total PECO field forces have completed thousands of repair jobs. Crews have replaced:

  • 82 miles of wire

  • 13,270 fuses

  • 1,993 cross arms

  • 190 poles

  • 114 transformers

Hurricane Irene left nearly 7 million customers without power in 14 U.S. states according to the Department of Energy. Currently hundreds of thousands of customers are still without service along the East Coast and in neighboring states. Ranking as one of the top five worst storms in PECO history, the storm brought 10 inches of torrential rains and more than 24 hours of winds gusting up to 75 mph.

In addition to efforts to restore electric service, PECO will continue to work with communities that suffered extensive flooding. Electric and natural gas service will be restored to these areas when it is safe to do so.

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