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PECO Invests $19.7 Million to Expand Substation in Warminster

PECO has invested $19.7 million in its Warminster substation to improve electric service reliability and meet the growing energy needs of customers in Bucks County. As part of this investment, PECO installed two new transformers and four new circuits. A new building to house substation equipment was also constructed.

The Warminster substation takes higher voltage electricity, 230 kV, from PECO’s electric transmission system and converts it to lower voltage electricity, 13 kV, for distribution to homes, businesses and other customers. The four newly constructed circuits join six existing circuits already in place, to help better balance the electric load customers place on the system and this substation. The installation of two new transformers provides for a total of 20 new circuits to be brought online in the future to accommodate increasing customer electric needs. In addition to the new transformers and circuits, upgraded digital equipment designed to minimize the number of customers affected when an outage occurs also was installed.

"The strategic expansion, upgrading and construction of our facilities and equipment are crucial to providing customers with safe and reliable service every day," said John McDonald, vice president of Technical Services. "We appreciate the cooperation and support of the surrounding communities we worked with to complete this important project."

The Warminster substation expansion project is one of nearly 40 projects designed to accommodate the increased demand that customers place on the electric system during the coming summer months. This project is also part of the more than $400 million PECO will invest in its capital spending plan for infrastructure improvements, preventative maintenance and new facilities this year.

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