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NPPD Holds Public Hearings on Proposed R-Project Transmission Line

NPPD Holds Public Hearings on Proposed R-Project Transmission Line

Nebraska Public Power District plans to construct approximately 220 miles of transmission line from the NPPD’s Gerald Gentleman Station, south of Sutherland, Nebraska, to a new substation to be constructed in Holt County. Besides the new substation in Holt County, a new substation will also be built at a location near Thedford. NPPD has not determined a final line route for the project.

This new transmission line will help enhance operation of NPPD’s electric transmission system, relieve congestion from existing lines within the transmission system and provide additional opportunities for development of renewable energy projects.

A series of eight public hearings on this project were held during the first two weeks of November. The public hearings, required under Nebraska statutes, are conducted to present the proposed transmission project. A hearing officer facilitated the hearing and a court reporter documented all presentations by Nebraska Public Power District and landowner comments and questions.


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