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NorNed Repair Operation Ongoing

The operation to repair the damaged part of the NorNed cable between Norway and The Netherlands is ongoing. A short section of the cable will be replaced due to a fault that occurred in an early testing phase. Challenging weather conditions has postponed the operation by two weeks. The fault is approximately 160 km from the coast of Norway and preparations to cut and join the cable are ongoing. Stormy weather has so far caused several problems. Last week the cable laying ship had to abandon the site and go to quay, after having experienced radically deteriorating weather conditions. Weather conditions in the area are currently viable, however hard to predict. Given the current circumstances, the repair operation can be completed half December, NorNed reports, after which the testing of the NorNed link will continue. Statnett and TenneT are still aiming to launch the connection at the end of 2007.

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