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NorNed Cable Fails Under Test

A malfunction of the NorNed cable occurred the week of October 21 during the initial testing of the cable, according to TenneT, the Netherlands’ Transmission System Operator. The damaged section will be replaced and preparations for a repair operation have already been started. This repair operation is weather dependent and takes at least four weeks.

Investigations show that a part of the cable approximately 160 km off the coast of Norway was damaged. Further investigations have to be carried out to determine why a malfunction occurred. The repair operation will be followed by both low power and high power tests. Testing of the NorNed cable is necessary to ensure a reliable infrastructure. Depending on the weather, repair works and testing results, TenneT and Statnett's aim is to start trading the NorNed-cable according to the original plan by the end of 2007.

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