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New Versa-Tech Single-Phase Recloser

Hubbell Power Systems introduces the Versa-Tech single-phase recloser for 15- to 27-kV applications. The patented recloser uses no oil and features a unique “hot tank” design with vacuum interrupter, drive mechanism, control and housing energized at system potential. The compact base unit weighs only 55 lb (25 kg.). User-programmable functions include minimum trip (50 – 800 A), operations to lockout (1 – 4), minimum response time, rest time, cold load time, reclose time and standard time-current curves (44 available). Automatic operation is self-powered. A lockout beacon indicates when it has interrupted service. Pole/surface and crossarm mounts are available.

Hubbell Power Systems www.hubbellpowersystems.com

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