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New Transmission Line, Substation to Bring Reliable Power to Upper Columbia Valley

BC Transmission Corp. has identified a plan that will ensure safe and reliable electricity to the rapidly growing upper Columbia Valley region. The proposed solution will build a new transmission line between Invermere and Golden.

Growing demand for power in Golden and surrounding communities means that the existing system is reaching its maximum capacity. New transmission infrastructure is needed to ensure that the region continues to have access to reliable electricity.

“BC Transmission Corp. recognizes the need to provide the transmission infrastructure necessary to support local economic growth. We’ve conducted a number of studies and considered the future needs of the area when planning this transmission line,” said Bruce Barrett, BCTC’s Vice President of major projects.

As the project moves forward, BCTC will be working to incorporate local knowledge into the planning process. BCTC will work with area stakeholders and First Nations to find the best way to build the line from Invermere to Golden. Several meetings with local government officials have already taken place, and community open houses are scheduled for residents to have input into the project. BCTC has also shared information through advertising, mailings to area residents and their website.

"We’re looking for the local community to share their knowledge of the area and to communicate their thoughts and ideas as we plan a route for the proposed transmission lines and site for the new substation," said Judy Dobrowolski, BCTC Community Relations. "I encourage everyone to attend our open houses or to contact us to learn more about the project and share ideas."

The Columbia Valley Transmission Project is comprised of a proposed new transmission line between Invermere and Golden - west of the Columbia River, a new substation near Golden and a 69 kV transmission line between the new substation and the existing substation in Golden. The new transmission line will carry transmission voltage to the new substation, where it will be transformed to a lower voltage and then distributed to residents and businesses.

Public consultation on the project is proposed to continue throughout the summer and environmental studies are scheduled to be completed this fall. If approved, construction of the project would begin in Fall 2010.

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