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New Netherlands High-Voltage Cable is Energized

The new high-voltage cable between Haaksbergen and Hengelo in the north-east of the Netherlands was officially opened during a festive ceremony. With the symbolic push of a button, TenneT Chief Operating Officer Ben Voorhorst and Mayor Karel Loohuis of Haaksbergen marked the entry into service of the new cable, which was installed entirely underground. The new electricity connection will make an important contribution towards the security of supply in and around Haaksbergen.

Haaksbergen municipality has been affected by several power outages over the past few years. The town was on a so-called ‘spur’ in the electricity grid. On several occasions, supply interruptions resulted in the Haaksbergen and Eibergen substations going without electricity for considerable periods of time. In light of these incidents and the planned increase of the electricity grid’s transmission capacity in the Twente region (the eastern part of Overijssel province), the decision was made to construct this additional link. The new cable will create a ‘loop’ in the electricity grid. This will allow the electric current to be transmitted in two directions at all times, thus preventing any disruptions from causing actual power outages.

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