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New Line between Pavia and Lodi Will Be The Most Ecological EHV Line in Italy

The new Terna overhead electricity line between Pavia and Lodi, Italy is the first sustainable energy “super grid” in Lombardy, whose work in progress is nearing completion between the power stations in Chignolo Po (PV) and Maleo (LO). Over 70% of the power line’s route will be built with low environmental impact futuristic “single-pole” tubular pylons.

The environmental advantages will be very important, according to Terna. 24 km of new electricity grid will be built while 64 km of old existing lines will be removed for a total of 225 old pylons: for every kilometer of new overhead line, 3 km of old power lines will be dismissed. Overall, the grid restructuring activity in the area will allow recovering 80 hectares of territory, equal to 130 soccer fields, and 2000 tons of materials, equal to 10 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty, as well as reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere for approximately 150 thousand tons a year.

The “Chignolo Po-Maleo” power line will thus be the most ecological EHV power line in Italy. After the “San Fiorano-Robbia” power line between Italy and Switzerland – completed in 2005 – and the “Turbigo-Rho” electricity line (2006) just outside of Milan –that entered into operation in 2006 – another important infrastructure for transferring electricity in Lombardy represents a step ahead for the grid in one of the country’s most critical areas and fundamental connection in central Europe.
The project and the works were illustrated in Terna’s power station in Chignolo Po. The event was attended by Chairman Luigi Roth and by the Undersecretary for Economic development, Stefano Saglia, who ended the meeting.

The power line will be completed within the end of 2011, 6 months ahead of the initial schedule.

In these days, work is entering an important phase: the last segment of the electricity line will be assembled using only special “single-pole” pylons created for the first time by Terna. These are high performance pylons, unique in the world, since they can also be used on non-linear routes and on impervious and mountainous terrains: an international record also for technological excellence.

In addition to reducing the occupied ground area by 15 times compared to traditional pylons, these supports also guarantee reduced visual impact, greater installation speed and safety for technicians since they are installed only through the use of mechanical equipment consequently eliminating overhead work.

The “Chignolo Po-Maleo” electricity line is one of Terna’s most important projects in Lombardy where the company has planned investments for over 1 billion euros, out of the 7.5 million expected in the next 10 years nationally for developing and strengthening the region’s electricity grid.

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