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New Feeder to Deliver More Reliable Supply for Ergon Customers

About 1600 Ergon Energy customers in the Millmerran area, Queensland, Australia, will enjoy a more reliable and robust electricity supply from the $5 million Pampas feeder line recently energized.

Manager Regional Services Dave Heberlein said the 27-km concrete overhead line would supply power to Millmerran and Pampas from the bulk supply point at Middle Ridge.
Heberlein said the line would be energized at 33 kV, but had been designed and built as a 66-kV line so it could be upgraded in the future. “This line, which also includes overhead earth wires, will provide superior reliability to the existing line built more than 40 years ago on wooden poles,” he said.

“This area has been identified as being subject to high levels of lightning activity, which has contributed to a relatively high frequency of power supply interruptions in recent years. “With the spring storm season fast approaching, the good news is that this project has been completed more than a month ahead of schedule, as well as coming in below budget. “That means residents and businesses in this area can look forward to a reduced impact from lightning strikes this year and the new line will also be better able to withstand strong winds.“

Heberlein said the upgrade also would deliver significantly enhanced capacity, which would improve the quality of supply in the Millmerran area. “The growing demand for power from residential, business and farming customers in the area meant the previous line was operating near capacity at times of peak load, while the new line will meet the expected demand for many years,” he said.

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