New ElectraNet Substation Energized

ElectraNet’s new Whyalla Central substation was energized on 25 June 2013, ensuring the continued supply of reliable and secure electricity transmission services to Whyalla. The new substation replaces the existing Whyalla Terminal substation, which was built in the early 1960s and was nearing the end of its operational life. Construction on the substation began in May 2012 and the project was completed in June, on schedule to meet the requirements of the South Australian Electricity Transmission Code.

‘The Whyalla Central substation plays a critical role in the supply of electricity to the area, including significant mining and industry loads,’ said Mr Simon Emms, ElectraNet Executive Manager Network Services.

‘As the Whyalla Terminal substation was approaching 50 years of constant service, building a new substation was the most economically sound option, as the costs to maintain an aged transmission asset will only continue to rise.

‘The new substation will ensure reliable and secure electricity transmission services to the City of Whyalla, and also contribute towards meeting the electricity transmission demands of the area into the future,’ Emms said.

Located across the road from the Whyalla Industrial Estate on Arthur Glennie Drive, the new Whyalla Central substation is approximately three km north of the town center and one km west of the existing Whyalla Terminal substation. The existing Whyalla Terminal substation will remain operational, supplying load to the OneSteel plant.

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