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National Grid, UK, to Invest £15m Locally to Secure Energy Supplies

National Grid is investing £15 million on refurbishing and replacing sections of the overhead line between Murton and Hartlepool in County Durham, UK, over the next year. These are part of the network of overhead lines, underground cables and substations that carry high voltage electricity across the country. The investment will keep the lines in good working order to ensure that everyone has the power they need, at the flick of a switch.

National Grid plans to refurbish around 25 km of the existing overhead line between Murton and Hartlepool. The line, which was built in 1962, runs from National Grid’s substation at Hawthorn Pit in Murton and ends south west of Hartlepool.

The works will be taking place between August 2012 and August 2013, in three main stages. These will run from August to December 2012, January to February 2013 and March to May 2013.

The refurbishment program will see overhead wires replaced and maintenance work carried out on a total of 82 pylons. This project is necessary to ensure that energy demand in the North East continues to be met.

National Grid, which is the UK’s largest utility, has been working with local authorities, the Environment Agency and Natural England, amongst others, to plan the works on the lines, which cross over local roads, lanes and footpaths.

Martin Bage, Project Manager for the works said: “This investment is an important part of National Grid’s development of the local energy network, making sure everyone can continue to enjoy heat and light at the flick of a switch.

“We’ll be engaging with local communities to ensure they're aware of what’s going on if it’s likely to affect them directly, but we expect any disruption to be very minimal.”

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