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National Grid Outlines Next Steps for Bramford to Twinstead Electricity Connection as Preferred Route is Confirmed

National Grid, UK, has outlined the next steps in its project to provide a high-voltage power connection between Bramford, near Ipswich, and Twinstead Tee, south of Sudbury, for new low carbon and renewable energy sources in East Anglia. The company’s Senior Project Manager has emphazised the importance of people continuing to make their views heard in developing this important project.

In May, National Grid announced that it proposed to build 8 km – over a quarter of the route – using underground cables. The proposals were published in a Connections Options Report which asked people to comment on this draft route for the new connection.

Following eight weeks of consultation over the summer, National Grid has confirmed its preferred route. The project team will now be focusing on the next stage of developing the detailed design of the connection, including:

  • Looking for opportunities to reduce visual impacts of the proposals, as work begins to identify the specific locations of the pylons and underground cables.
  • Deciding on the preferred connection at the eastern end of the route, around the villages of Hintlesham and Burstall. English Heritage has asked for more information to help it consider how the proposals could affect the setting of Hintlesham Hall. National Grid will then take that view into account alongside the other feedback received and confirm the preferred route for the area.
  • Further consultation on the location of a connection point at the western end of the route, where underground cables in the Stour Valley would connect to existing 400-kV overhead line between Twinstead Tee and Braintree.

Brian Smethurst, Senior Project Manager, said: "We have listened to all the feedback we have received, and this has helped us to shape our proposals. It will be just as important for people to make their views heard in the next stages, and we’ll be keen to listen to what you have to say as we carry on developing our plans.”

Details of how National Grid has taken account of the issues raised during this summer’s consultation can be found in the Connection Options Report – Consultation Feedback at www.nationalgrid.com/bramford-twinstead.

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