National Grid to Consult on Plan for New Power Connection between the UK and Belgium

National Grid, UK, announced that it expects to begin a public consultation in the summer for a proposed power connection project known as the Richborough Connection.  It will link a new undersea cable from Belgium to Britain’s electricity network, helping to meet the country’s changing energy needs.
If granted planning permission, this would see a 400-kV power connection between a new substation at the site of the former Richborough Power Station and an existing National Grid substation in north Canterbury.
Nemo Link is proposing to create a 1000-MW electricity interconnector – an undersea cable that links the electricity networks of different countries – between Zeebrugge in Belgium and Richborough in Kent. 
Feasibility studies into the scheme are still being carried out. Once they are completed the project team plans to launch a consultation with the local community and other groups with an interest.  This consultation expected in summer 2013 will include information on the areas of land, known as ‘route corridors’, through which a new power connection could pass.
National Grid Lead Project Manager Steve Self said, “We’re still at a very early stage, but as the project progresses over the next couple of years we want to listen to local views so they can help shape our plans.
“We’ll have a lot more information to make available by the time we launch our consultation in the summer.  I know that there will be many views to take account of so we will ensure that anyone wishing to share their feedback has the opportunity to comment on our proposals.”
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