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National Grid Confirms Overhead Line Route Around Hintlesham

National Grid, UK, has announced the route around Hintlesham for the new Bramford to Twinstead high-voltage power connection required to connect new power generation to the electricity transmission system in East Anglia.

National Grid has selected an alignment which runs close to and south of the existing 400-kV line to the north of Hintlesham Hall, and should have no additional impact on the historic Hintlesham Woods, which is designated as a site of special scientific interest.

The route has been chosen after local residents and other consultees were asked for their views and National Grid had carefully considered their feedback alongside all the other factors they must take into account.

National Grid senior project manager Brian Smethurst said: “We have received a huge amount of feedback from residents and I'd like to thank all those people who have sent us their comments. "We have tried very hard to find the right balance between all the factors we have to consider including the potential impact on the local area. Having done this we believe the best way to make this connection is to build an overhead line through the northern route. Of all the options we considered, we believe this one has the least overall impact on the landscape, local communities and properties including the many historic buildings in the area.” 

Smethurst added that consultation on the proposals is ongoing: "Over the coming months we will of course continue to work with the local community and other organizations to find the best ways of reducing the visual impact of the new line."

Extensive consultation by National Grid over the past three-and-a-half years has already influenced key aspects of the project; including the selection of two areas where it believes the high cost of putting cables underground can be justified. These underground sections run through Dedham Vale and the Stour Valley and make up more than a quarter of the route.

The Study Area AB Preferred Alignment report is now available on the project website www.nationalgrid.com/bramford-twinstead.

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