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National Grid Completes First Phase of £15m Project to Secure Energy Supplies

National Grid has completed the first phase of its £15 million project to refurbish and replace sections of the overhead line between Murton and Hartlepool in County Durham, UK. So far, wires running between 23 pylons on one side of the line which runs from the Hartmoor substation to Cowpen Bewley have been replaced.

Work will start later this month on the line running north from Cowpen Bewley up to the Hawthorn Pit substation near Murton. Engineers will then turn around and replace the wires on the other side of the towers back down to Hartmoor substation. The installation of the new lines is expected to be complete by mid-May next year and will be followed by some work to replace fittings on the line and to strengthen some pylons.

Engineers replace the wires on one side of the pylon at a time so that electricity can continue to flow along the other side of the line.

National Grid is refurbishing around 25 km of the existing overhead line between Murton and Hartlepool on total. The line, which was built in 1962, runs from National Grid’s substation at Hawthorn Pit in Murton and ends south west of Hartlepool.

The work started in August this year and will be carried out in three main phases, finishing in August 2013.

In all, the refurbishment program will see overhead wires replaced and maintenance work carried out on a total of 82 pylons. This project is necessary to ensure that energy demand in the North East continues to be met.

National Grid, has been working with local authorities, the Environment Agency and Natural England, amongst others, to plan the works on the lines, which cross over local roads, lanes and footpaths.

Martin Bage, Project Manager for the works said: “This investment is an important part of National Grid’s development of the local energy network, making sure everyone can continue to enjoy heat and light at the flick of a switch.

“We’re pleased to report that we’re on target with the first phase of our work and we’re grateful for the patience that people have shown while our work has been underway.”

National Grid is in contact with residents and businesses directly affected by its work on the lines in the area. The works will not result in disruption to the electricity supply and advanced notice will be given of any road and footpath closures.

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