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National Grid to Carry Out Essential Upgrade to Mill Hill Substation, Barnet

National Grid will soon begin essential replacement and upgrade work at Mill Hill high-voltage electricity substation in Barnet, UK. This work will help ensure people continue to enjoy safe and secure electricity supplies in the future.

Preparatory works at Mill Hill substation and associated deliveries will begin in late January and will continue until the summer. Work will include dismantling and removing some old equipment and preparing the site for the delivery of a new transformer in August. The transformer increases and decreases voltages so electricity can make its way safely from power stations to homes, businesses, factories and community facilities.

The preferred route for site deliveries will follow major roads as far as possible. Vehicles will leave the A1 and join the B552, along Holders Hill Road, Bittacy Hill and The Ridgeway, before turning into Partingdale Lane and the substation site. This route has been chosen to allow vehicles to stay on main roads for the majority of the route and to avoid two local schools and the width restrictor at the eastern end of Partingdale Lane. Deliveries will only be made to the site between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

National Grid is currently in discussion with the London Borough of Barnet to agree the route of the main transformer delivery. Further information will be available in due course. Work at Mill Hill substation should be complete by October 2011.

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