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Mid-sized Hydraulic Excavator

John Deere introduces the 75D mid-sized hydraulic excavator featuring a conventional boom and reduced tail swing. The unit weighs in at 17,637 lb, has a 15-ft, 1-inch dig depth and is perfect for light residential, site development, and underground utility duties.

"This excavator's reduced tail swing and 360-deg rotation enable it to get into tight spaces," said Mark Wall, excavator product marketing manager for John Deere. "Once you're there, its power and precision take over." The 75D has a 54-net hp diesel certified to EPA Interim Tier 4 emission standards and Deere's exclusive Powerwise engine/hydraulic management system that maximizes power output, saves fuel and delivers smooth, multifunction operation just like the rest of John Deere's D-Series excavators. Optional rubber tracks permit the 75D to cross driveways and sidewalks without damage, which is ideal for utility jobs on existing properties. Exceptional drawbar pull delivers plenty of power for backfilling trenches.

John Deere www.deere.com

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