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Massive Transformer Transported to Ens Substation

TenneT transported a heavy power transformer overnight on Nov. 22 through the municipality of Noordoostpolder in the northern Netherlands.

The transformer weighs around 320,000 kilos (320 tons), and was transported to the high-voltage substation in Ens, a village in the municipality. The transformer is needed in order to meet the growing demand for electricity transmission.

The transformer was manufactured at Smit Transformers in Nijmegen in the east of the country. Transport of the heavy transformer was carried out by Wagenborg Nedlift, a company specializing in heavy lift projects.

The expansion of the high-voltage substation in Ens is part of the upgrade program for the Hessenweg-Vierverlaten line. This program is aimed at increasing the transmission capacity in the north of the Netherlands. The project began in the middle of 2008 and is scheduled for completion by the beginning of 2011. Aside from this expansion, TenneT is also working on a completely new 380 kV line, which will run from the Eemshaven seaport in Groningen (through Ens) to Diemen. Planning procedures for this line have already started and the project is expected to be completed by 2016.

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