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Major Milestone Reached for Powerlink Substation Upgrade Project

The first stage of a $70 million project to upgrade Powerlink Queensland’s, Australia, Belmont Substation at Mansfield has been completed, Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy and Minister for Trade Stephen Robertson reported.

“The major upgrade project will ensure the substation can continue to meet the growing electricity requirements of the Brisbane CBD, south-eastern suburbs, and Port of Brisbane well into the future,” Robertson said.

“As part of this project, Powerlink is replacing aged transmission equipment at the substation’s 110-kV switchyard, which was built in the early 1970s,” he said.
Robertson said the completion of the first and largest stage of the $70 million upgrade was an important milestone.

“The project’s construction team commenced work on the project in late 2008. To date, completed work includes the installation of a new transformer and other specialized equipment, as well as the reconfiguration of two existing transmission lines within the substation site,” he said.

Powerlink Chief Executive Gordon Jardine said works were continuing to complete the upgrade project. “During the first half of 2010, further works will start including the removal of an aged transformer and construction of new foundations, to be followed by the installation of a new replacement transformer mid year. This stage will also include the replacement of aged equipment for two existing transmission lines into the Brisbane CBD,” Jardine said.

“This will be followed by some additional works at the substation site to replace aged equipment and final testing of new equipment, with all project works expected to be completed by summer 2011/12,” he said.

Jardine said Powerlink was working closely with the local community during the upgrade project and was undertaking all works in accordance with a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan to help minimize any impacts.

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