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Maitland Zone Substation Gains Updated Equipment

Work to install two 40-ton transformers, electrical switchgear and protection equipment is underway at the new Ausgrid Maitland zone substation, New South Wales, Australia.

Ausgrid’s General Manger Transmission Brett Hooper said the original Maitland Central zone substation was commissioned in the 1970s and supplies power to about 4,000 homes and businesses around the CBD, South Maitland, Largs, Bolwarra and Oakhampton.

“The existing substation has performed well over the years, but it is now time for it to be replaced,” Hooper said.

“We expect peak demand for power to increase about 3.5 percent a year across Maitland and this new equipment will help us continue to deliver a safe and reliable supply to one of the state’s fastest growing regions.”

Equipment to be installed includes:

  • Two 33-MVA transformers
  • 45 control and protection panels
  • 5 panels of 33-kV air insulated switchgear
  • 15 panels of 11-kV switchgear

Civil construction has wrapped up on site and it is expected the electrical work will be complete by early 2013.

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