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The Louis Berger Group and Black & Veatch Joint Venture Awarded Contract for Afghanistan Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Program

The Louis Berger Group, Inc. and Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. Joint Venture (JV) has been awarded the five-year, $1.4 billion Afghanistan Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Program (AIRP) contract by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The AIRP work, expanding and rehabilitating critical infrastructure, will benefit the government and people of Afghanistan through the rehabilitation and construction of critical energy, transportation and water infrastructure in the country, including electric power transmission networks. These improvements will be anchored through long-term technical, operational and regulatory assistance to the ministries and agencies that operate and maintain the infrastructure, including training, mentoring and multi-country exchange programs that transfer global best practices to Afghanistan utilities.

“The people of Afghanistan will directly benefit as a result of this new five-year reconstruction activity. Afghan companies will be strengthened and local jobs created. As Berger completes USAID’s first five-year infrastructure program in Afghanistan, we are proud to have been selected with our joint-venture partner for the new second five- year phase,” said Larry Walker, Berger’s Group Vice President.

The JV will first focus on rehabilitating power transmission networks and power generation capacity, as well as rehabilitating and extending roads in the country. Later work is expected to focus on urban development, water and sanitation infrastructure, in addition to making public building improvements.

“In working with USAID to make power and water supplies more reliable, and by improving the roads that allow effective trade, we can help create the conditions for stronger industry, commerce and economic independence in Afghanistan,” said Joe McGonagle, President of Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. “It also represents an important step for Black & Veatch as we continue to expand our support to the U.S. Government globally in vital reconstruction and institutional strengthening projects.”

The Louis Berger Group and Black & Veatch have played key roles on successful USAID global efforts for more than 40 years.

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