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Loose Creek-Mariosa Delta 345 kV and 161 kV Central Missouri Development

A new AmerenUE 345-kV transmission line, called Loose Creek-Mariosa, will be approximately 11 miles long, from the Loose Creek switching station near Linn, MO to the new Mariosa Delta 345/161-kV substation near Osage City, MO. The project involves the upgrade or addition to six substations and 25 miles of 161-kV lines to tie the substations together. The estimated cost is $32.5 million. The project is designed to relieve overloading on existing lines, strengthen reliability, and provide capacity for future growth in electricity usage throughout the area. The 345-kV line is under construction with a scheduled in service date of June 1, 2008. The Loose Creek switching station was placed in service with the Callaway-Franks line addition on December 14, 2006. The Mariosa Delta 345-kV substation is under construction with a scheduled in service date of June 1, 2008. This 345-kV supply is the final phase in strengthening the supply to the Missouri State Capital vicinity. Previous steps include the 161-kV lines looping Apache Flats, Zion, Mariosa Delta, and Moreau. These plus Guthrie and California substations were upgraded as well. A new Loy-Martin substation was placed in service in 2006. This line and substation will provide load relief to the existing Montgomery-Guthrie 161-kV line and voltage support for the Jefferson City, MO area and capacity for future growth.

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