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Lightweight 15-Ton C-Head Crimping Tool

Lightweight 15-Ton C-Head Crimping Tool

BURNDY introduces its new lightweight 15-ton C-Head crimper — the new PAT46LWS series.

The PAT46LWS series has been designed with a new forged C-Head that offers a weight reduction of 34% over the existing design.  Additionally, this new series continues to accept all standard BURNDY “P” and “U” style crimping dies (w/PUADP-1 adapter).

The PAT46LWS series offers customers the choice of ordering two battery platforms, the 18 Makita lithium-ion or 18 Makita nickel metal hydride, both offered in various configurations.  Like all BURNDY PATRIOT battery tools, the PAT46LWS series incorporates the latest engineering technology with a patented high-speed hydraulic pump and field-proven electronics designed to provide a consistent, reliable connection every time.


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