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Lelystad Substation Put into Service

TenneT, The Netherlands, has just put a newly expanded 380-kV high-voltage substation into service. The substation is connected to surrounding high-voltage substations in Diemen and Ens. The request to build the high-voltage substation was made by producer Electrabel, which will be putting two gas-fired power plants into operation in Lelystad in mid 2009. TenneT’s new substation will ensure that the electricity produced can be channelled to the national high-voltage grid.

Electrabel, the largest electricity producer in the Netherlands, has been producing electricity for several decades on a small man-made island in the IJsselmeer near Lelystad. The obsolete Flevo 1 and 2 power plants are currently being replaced by two new gas-fired units with a total capacity of 900 MW. The new Flevo power plant will have two GT26 steam and gas turbines and is expected to be completed in mid 2009. TenneT’s new substation is already operational, allowing for immediate production when the power plant is put into service.

Tennet’s new substation was built on a 240 by 140 meter lot. The project went very smoothly. The municipality of Lelystad issued a building permit in October 2007, and structural and civil engineering work started shortly after. Work is currently being done on a new expansion of the substation to include an extra transformer. This heavy transformer was brought to the substation by special transport this past spring, requiring the A6 motorway to be closed for a brief period.

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