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The Largest Customer Restoration Effort in Con Edison's History is Wrapping Up

Since Hurricane Sandy and a Nor'easter pounded New York City and Westchester County company crews and thousands of utility workers from around the country restored electricity to more than 1 million customers.

As of Nov. 12, the last customers in Westchester County and New York City affected by Hurricane Sandy, whose equipment could be restored, were getting their electricity back.

The 1 million restorations do not include approximately 16,300 customers in flood-ravaged areas of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Those customers cannot get electrical service until their own internal equipment is repaired, tested and certified by an electrician as ready for service. Con Edison crews were able to restore power to approximately 13,600 customers in those shoreline communities.

The company is working with the New York City Buildings Department to expedite the restoration of these customers. For information.

Sandy caused five times as many outages as the next largest storm in Con Edison history, Hurricane Irene, which hit in August 2011. The company has gone through a year's worth of some materials since Hurricane Sandy struck. Con Edison and thousands of mutual aid and contractor personnel replaced 60 mi of electric cable and responded to tens of thousands of locations.

In the wake of those storms, the company will be rebuilding and replacing more equipment to ensure reliability.

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