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Juan de Fuca Cable – Phase II Status Received in WECC Project Rating Process

Sea Breeze Power Corp., on behalf of its affiliate, Sea Breeze Pacific Juan de Fuca Cable, LP is pleased to announce that Phase II status for the Juan de Fuca Cable Project has been acknowledged by the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (“WECC”).

Receiving official Phase II status for the Juan de Fuca Cable Project (“JDF Cable”) is a significant step in the Project Rating Process, as all electrical system planners throughout British Columbia, Alberta, northern Baja California and the 14 western states (which comprise WECC) will have the opportunity to factor in the impact of the JDF Cable on their various transmission systems.

The JDF Cable is a 550MW High Voltage Direct Current (“HVDC”) Light® submarine transmission line that will connect Vancouver Island and Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. On September 7, 2006, the JDF Cable became the first international merchant transmission line to gain approval from Canada’s National Energy Board.

As is the case with all proposed transmission projects in the region, the JDF Cable is required to engage in WECC’s three phase Project Rating Process to study the cable’s expected impact on the regional transmission system.
Phase 1 of the WECC Project Rating Process for the JDF Cable was initiated on October 26, 2004, and an initial “Phase 1 – Comprehensive Status Report” was submitted to WECC on April 14, 2005.

During Phase II, the impact of the JDF Project on the regional transmission system will continue to be studied and feedback from the various stakeholders will be solicited through the convening of a WECC Project Review Group. The purpose of the Project Review Group meeting will be to update the status of the JDF Project, address any early comments received and discuss the scope of the studies necessary to obtain Phase III status. Throughout Phase III, the construction of the project will be monitored continually and major changes in assumptions and conditions will be evaluated to ensure that the project is built to compliance. Phase III is completed when the project is placed into service.

For more information on the JDF Project please visit: www.JDFCable.com

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