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Integrated Crossarm

EMC Pacific Pty Ltd. has developed a one-piece medium-voltage crossarm insulator using its proprietary and patent-applied permanent hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy (PHCEP) resin system.

The “IXI” integrated crossarm is a one-piece 15-kV to 69-kV molding with the voltage designation determined by the selection from a range of interchangeable intermediate insulators. The combined creepage of the insulators and the crossarm between the phase and ground will be suitable for up to a 69-kV line and very heavy pollution environments. Through the one-piece construction, both pole dressing time and inventory requirements are reduced and some significant performance advantages are achieved.

EMCP's IXI features outstanding wash-off of pollutants due to the PHCEP construction and sloping profile, which when combined with the large creepage distance, keeps leakage at bay. Therefore the IXI will improve network reliability and reduce maintenance requirements, especially in polluted or contaminated environments. The reduction of electrical leakage losses can lead to additional pay off, in commensurate reduction of electrical generation of carbon emissions.

EMC Pacific Pty Ltd. www.emcpacific.com.au

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