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Information Meeting in Kloosterveen on High-Voltage Connection Work

TenneT is upgrading the transmission capacity of the existing 220-kV electricity connection between Zwolle and Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. This expansion is necessary because the transmission capacity of the present grid infrastructure is insufficient to handle the expected increase in production in the near future. As this means that work will take place near Kloosterveen, an information meeting is being organised in this district.

The work consists of reinforcing the high‑voltage pylons and foundations and replacing the conductors (wires) and insulators in the pylons. It is expected that work in Assen will begin at the end of March. Upgrading the connection has no effect on the magnetic field zone in the region due to the fact that the lines are suspended in a different way and closer to the pylon. TenneT is aiming to limit nuisance to residents as much as possible during the work.

The information meeting will take place on 22 March from 4pm until 8pm in the:

Koffiebranderij Konvent, Hoofdvaartsweg 124 in Assen.

This information meeting will involve a number of information stands rather than a central presentation. Specialised members of staff will be at these stands to provide information on how the high-voltage connection functions, the work to be carried out and why the connection needs to be upgraded.

The capacity upgrade will allow small-scale wind energy and combined heat and power (CHP) initiatives, as well as new large-scale production capacity at Eemshaven, to be connected to the high‑voltage grid over the coming years. The upgrade of the Zwolle – Groningen connection is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2011.

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