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Impact Hex Bit Sockets

Wright Tool is now offering new impact hex bit sockets in ¨ü-inch and ¨ö-inch drive, ranging from ¨û-inch to ¨ý-inch sizes, and in metric sizes ranging from 2 mm to 17 mm.

The new impact hex bit sockets are also offered as the following sets: seven-piece ¨ü-inch drive (Set No. 362), seven-piece ¨ö-inch drive (Set No. 403), nine-piece metric size (Set No. 363) and six-piece metric size (Set No. 455).

Wright Tool's impact hex bits are made from 8650 steel and are precision-heat treated to provide high strength and longer product life. With a black-oxide finish for corrosion resistance, Wright Tool impact hex bits are secured by a setscrew in heavy-duty screw-type holders. An identification number is stamped on each bit in large type for easy identification. All sets are on color-coded clip rails for easy access and storage. Replacement bits are available.
Wright Tool | www.wrighttool.com

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