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Hydro-Quebec Orders ABB HVDC Converter Station to Connect Quebec and Ontario Transmission Grids

ABB has received a $200 million CAD ($175 MUSD) order from Hydro-Québec to strengthen the electrical transmission grid between Quebec and Ontario.

ABB will deliver a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter station that will add 1,250 MW of transmission capacity between Quebec and Ontario by Spring 2009. In addition to improving grid reliability in both provinces, Ontario will benefit by having substantially more access to emission-free hydroelectric power from Quebec.

"We are pleased that Hydro-Québec, as a leading user of HVDC technology, has selected ABB for a project of such importance for the region," said Bernhard Jucker, head of ABB's Power Products division. "The project will add to Hydro-Québec's links with other networks, improving security of power exchange in its asynchronous networks."

"Given our experience and expertise in delivering large projects across Canada, we are well positioned to deliver this turnkey project for Hydro-Québec," stated Sandy Taylor, President of ABB Canada. "We are leveraging ABB's network of global resources, leading-edge technologies and local ABB Canada's execution capabilities."

The new converter station in southern Quebec will create a new interconnection between the 315-kV grid in Quebec and the 230-kV grid in Ontario. ABB's scope of supply includes design and manufacture of equipment, installation, commissioning and civil works, using the latest developments in power semiconductor valves and advanced control systems.

ABB Canada will act as project manager, provide engineering and supply of various equipment and local services. Major components will be supplied by ABB's power transformer plant located in Varennes, Quebec.

ABB has supplied more than half of the HVDC converter stations in the world and has more than 50 HVDC projects commissioned or under construction in all parts of the world. HVDC stations convert electricity from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and vice versa, and provide reliable connections between incompatible AC systems.

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