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Hydro One Rebuilds Power Line to Increase Reliability and Better Serve Customers

Hydro One announced today that the relocation and capacity upgrade of a 22-km section of power line south of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, is complete. The line has been relocated along Highway 69, between Estaire and the Murdock River.

“Hydro One works to implement local solutions to meet the needs of the communities we serve,” said Marc Clement, Distribution Superintendent, Provincial Lines, Hydro One. “This investment is part of an on-going plan to improve reliability in the Greater Sudbury Area.”

The 44-kV line was relocated from an off-road, heavily forested and swampy area to alongside a road, improving accessibility for maintenance purposes as well as allowing for quicker restoration during an outage. The new line also has a higher capacity which will support any future economic growth in the area. This work was completed with the assistance of eight of our power line technician apprentices to develop their skills in a controlled de-energized environment.

This work is part of a broader, 6-year $15-M plan to upgrade a 65-km section of a 44-kV line which supplies the area south of Sudbury to the French River, and east along Hwy 64. The upgrade will also benefit the communities of Estaire, Alban, and Noelville and surrounding areas. Work is expected to be completed on the full project by the end of 2016.

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