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Hydraulic Vault Dawg

Hydraulic Vault Dawg

The newest addition to the Sherman & Reilly “Dawg Family”
underground puller line is the Hydraulic Vault Dawg. It is available in
the trailer mounted design or the skid mount design for mounting on a
truck chassis. The Vault Dawg has a hydraulic telescoping boom that
can be extended through a manhole into a 25-ft deep vault, or it can be
extended 25 ft rearward for hard to get to pad mount transformer or
vault locations. The hydraulic boom can also be rotated 90 degrees left
and right of the rear of the chassis for increased flexibility.

A quadrant block is attached to the end of the telescoping boom allowing quick and safe setup with a minimum amount of rigging. The quadrant block can be rotated 360 degrees around the longitudinal axis of the boom to provide access to all four sides of the vault without repositioning the puller trailer or truck. The standard Vault Dawg winch is a 10,000-lb pulling capacity hydraulic driven twin capstan bullwheel type winch for constant speed and tension control.

The Vault Dawg also comes standard with a dynamometer for measuring pulling tensions, or it can be outfitted with the MP30 electronic load recorder for recording the pulling force, speed, and the distance of an underground cable pull. Other capacity winches are available upon request.

Sherman & Reilly, Inc. www.sherman-reilly.com

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