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Hybrid Underground Utility Vehicle

DUECO Inc., in conjunction with Odyne and Vanair Manufacturing, introduces a plug-in hybrid underground utility vehicle (HUUV). With enough power for plastic pipe fusing, the truck's hybrid drive system powers an air compressor, exportable power and an auxiliary climate control system.

The Vanair 125/185 CFM underdeck air compressor is a common piece of equipment used by utility companies to operate pneumatic tools, such as pavement breakers, tampers and mole tools. By powering the Vanair compressor through a large battery system, the vendor eliminates engine idle, as well as the need for a tow-behind compressor at a job site. The HUUV is also equipped with an automatic shut-down device that starts and stops the compressor based on demand. This element substantially increases battery life and decreases needless compressor operation.

At the end of a work day, the HUUV plugs into a charging station where the batteries recharge during off-peak hours. The truck can also recharge at any point, while idling or driving, with the conventional diesel engine. The unit is complete with regenerative braking and launch assist to provide additional fuel efficiency, emission enhancements and extended brake life.

DUECO www.dueco.com

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