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Huskie ROBO*CUT Battery Operated Tool Cuts ACSR

The Huskie Robo Cut REC-S524CC battery cutter was designed to cut the toughtest steel used in construction today. It can replace an entire tool kit, including several sizes of conventional bolt cutters, hacksaws, acetylene torches and cable cutters. The REC-S524CC was designed from the same hydraulic system as the REC-558U featuring a rapid advance ram for reduced cycle times.

The specially designed anvil style blades were made to cut EHS up to 9/16 inch and with the pull of the trigger, it will cut ACSR cables up to 477 MCM, standard guy wires to ½ inch, and ground rods to 5/8 inch. The specially designed flip-top latch and rotating head can provide exceptional ease of use and maneuverability in tight working quarters. The REC-S524CC has an overload bypass, which will "kick out" when tool reaches 8 tons or is attempting to cut cables beyond its capacities. The standard ROBO kit includes a carrying case, two batteries, and a 25-min charger.

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