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Highlights of BCTC’s Ten Year Capital Plan

BCTC has identified several major projects that are required to ensure the continued delivery of safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity around the province considering that demand for electricity is forecast to increase between 25% to 45% of the next 20 years. These projects include:

Interior to Lower Mainland Transmission Project – $602 million – In service 2014

Vancouver Island Transmission Reinforcement Project – $287 million – In service 2008

BCTC is also investing in new infrastructure to meet the needs of growing communities
throughout British Columbia. Major regional investments include:

Central Vancouver Island Project –$84 million – In service 2010

Mount Pleasant Area Reinforcement (Vancouver) – $150 million – In service 2011

Southern Interior Reinforcement Projects – over $200 million – To reinforce a number of radial transmission lines serving communities in the southern interior.

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