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High-Voltage Safety Device Limits Insulator Explosion Damage

The Kevlar Wrap & Strap Safety Device, a safety product – researched, tested and developed by the ABB High-Voltage Services division – is patent-pending and the only product of its kind in the power industry to contain the results of a substation insulator explosion.

The safety device includes predetermined outlet openings at the top and bottom that allow high-pressure gases and small insulator fragments to escape in the event of an insulator failure. The device will not eliminate an insulator from exploding due to high pressures or fractures, but will limit the extreme results of what is otherwise a catastrophic event. An uncontained explosion has been known to distribute itself in a radius of more than 100 yards from the initiation point.

ABB has implemented new features with this product to its already stringent set of safety standards and requirements. These features include:

  • A product made with three layers of ballistic Dupont Kevlar
  • A product compatible with virtually any insulator design
  • Simple installation performed in parallel with other maintenance activities
  • Cost-effectiveness, lower risk and peace of mind
  • No need to remove high-voltage leads prior to installation

“We would like to thank ABB for its work on creating a product to increase safety for our employees working on or near electrical equipment containing pressurized porcelain,” said Fred Hudson, director of safety and security, ITC Holdings. “When properly attached, ABB’s new Kevlar Wrap & Strap busing blankets appear to serve as an effective barrier to protect workers from blasts and resulting fragmentized porcelain. The product design also appears to be usable on many different manufacturers’ equipment and can be easily installed and removed.”

ABB www.abb.us

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