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Henkels & McCoy Purchases Two Hybrid Diesel/Electric Trucks

Henkels & McCoy, Inc. has purchased two hybrid diesel/electric trucks from DUECO containing Eaton’s patented hybrid solution.

The purpose of this purchase is to help the environment by reducing emissions and fuel usage. These vocational vehicles are medium-duty personnel lift material handler trucks that will help Henkels & McCoy install power distribution lines. The hybrid trucks will be assigned to operations on the East and West coasts, with specific availability in eastern Pennsylvania and southern California.

Eaton’s patented hybrid solution converts energy generated through braking into stored battery power. The stored battery power is used to assist the truck’s powertrain. The hybrid system is also used to power the hydraulic system of the personnel lift. During the personnel lift operation mode the batteries are recharged by the diesel engine. The system will decrease fuel usage, emissions, and maintenance for a lower life cycle cost. The system also reduces noise to enhance the public’s satisfaction and is capable of supporting up to 25 kW auxiliary power.

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