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Hendrix Wire & Cable Offers 34.5 kV TRXLP Insulated Underground Cable for Wind Power Industry

Hendrix Wire & Cable announces its offering of 34.5 kV TRXLP-insulated medium voltage cable for applications in the wind power industry. All cable is manufactured in the USA, made and tested to ICEA/AEIC Standards and is dry-cure, triple-extruded.

The 34.5-kV underground cable is available in either aluminum or copper conductor, and standard conductor sizes ranging from 1/0 through 1250 kcmil in full and reduced concentric neutral configurations. Quantity and length changes to the underground cable can be accommodated just prior to manufacturing to match up with last minute changes to farm layouts. Hendrix Wire & Cable will coordinate future purchases of both aluminum and copper underground cable to protect customers from volatility in the commodity markets, allowing them to lock-in their costs.

Hendrix Wire & Cable www.hendrix-wc.com

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