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Helicopters Remove 150 Tons of Decommissioned Transmission Line Structures

Helicopters Remove 150 Tons of Decommissioned Transmission Line Structures

Powerlink has successfully removed a 50 year-old transmission line traversing the hilly terrain of the Mt Stuart area near Townsville using a helicopter to dismantle and remove 20 transmission towers. The 11-km section of transmission line, originally built in 1963, was decommissioned as it was not cost-effective to refurbish.

A new replacement transmission line has been established between Ross and Townsville South Substations to maintain electricity transmission services in the area.

Powerlink Chief Executive Merryn York said that using a helicopter was the safest and most effective way to remove the structures. “Ensuring the reliable supply of electricity through our transmission assets is critical for Powerlink,” Ms York said.

“We are constantly reviewing our transmission network to deliver the best outcomes for Queenslanders. It took 79 helicopter lifts of around two tons of material each, to completely remove the transmission line structures which connected the Ross Substation and the Townsville South Substation. Many of the transmission towers were within Australia Defence Force’s Mount Stuart Training Area, or crossed state government land, requiring access protocols and approvals to enable the work to take place. Given the challenging terrain and access restrictions, helicopters were the best option for all parties.”

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