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Helicopters Leapfrog Crews to Modify Transmission Structures

MJ Electric crews used helicopters to efficiently modify American Transmision Co. structures on a line north of Green Bay in July, completing modifications of up to 24 structures a day. Two five-member crews worked to place "peaks"’ atop the transmission towers to prepare for stringing fiber-optic cable later this year. The helicopter transported both crews and their tools to two adjacent structures, where they made preparations to attach the peaks. The crews then used the helicopter to lift the peaks into place for each tower. By the time the second peak was secured, the first crew was nearly finished with its work. They leap-frogged over to the next structure in line and the sequence was repeated. By replacing the 85-year-old lightning shield wire, the fiber-optic cable will increase communication capability in the ATC data network, creating a more connected smart grid to enhance reliability and system awareness for operators.

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