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Heavy-Duty Compression Tool

Heavy-Duty Compression Tool

Huskie Tools has developed a more robust, higher-quality inline tool. Huskie's new Streamline Tool (SL-ND), the result of three years of research and development, will stand up to the most demanding of tasks that linemen face each day.

This 6-ton compression tool has a connector range for lugs and splices of #8-500 MCM Cu and #8-350 MCM Al, while H-Taps are up to 4/0-4/0.

Jaws for the SL-ND are forged for long life. The tool comes with an ND jaw that is the combination of an ND and K jaw — no more switching. Two other jaws are offered for use with the SL tool, an O jaw and BG jaw. A pull-pin design makes it easy to switch between the three jaws and future jaws for the SL.

Working in low-light conditions is no problem because there are two LED lights on either side of the tool housing.

The new SL-ND tool kit comes complete with 2 BP-80s, Huskie's new lithium-ion battery, and the choice of an AC or DC charger. The BP-80 allows for 20% more crimps than the BP-70E. The SL-ND comes with a five-year warranty.

Huskie Tools www.huskietools.com

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