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Heavy Duty Compression Tool

After listening to feedback from its customers, Huskie Tools has developed a more robust, higher-quality, inline tool. Huskie’s new Streamline Tool (SL-ND) is the result of three years of research and development. This 6-ton compression tool has a connector range for lugs and splices of #8-500 MCM copper and #8-350 MCM alluminum, while H-Taps are up to 4/0-4/0.

Jaws for the SL-ND are forged for long life. The tool comes with an ND Jaw that is the combination of an ND and K jaw—no more switching. Two other jaws are offered for use with the SL tool, an “O” jaw and “BG” jaw. A pull-pin design makes it easy to switch between the three jaws and future jaws for the SL.

Working in low light conditions is no problem since two LED lights are on either side of the tool housing.

The new SL-ND tool kit comes complete with 2 BP-80s (if ordered as the SL-NDAT), Huskie’s new Lithium Ion battery, and choice of an AC or DC charger. The BP-80 allows for 20% more crimps than our BP-70E. Like all Huskie REC-style battery operated tools, the SL-ND comes with a 5-year warranty.
Huskie Tools www.huskietools.com

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