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Hand Line Block and Bolt Cutters

Chance has introduced a new hand line block with a safety-orange fiberglass-reinforced nylon body and sheave. Rated for a 1000-lb (454 kgs) working load, it weighs only 1.25 lbs (0.57 kgs) and features a 3-inch (76-mm)-diameter sheave to accept up to ¨ü-inch (16-mm)-diameter rope. The side-opening design includes a high-strength detent-ball pin with a lanyard retainer, a 360-degree swivel eye and forged hook with ¨ú-inch (19-mm) opening and spring-loaded safety latch. Catalog No. PSC4033478.

Chance has also introduced bolt cutters with ¨ü-inch (9.5-mm) capacity for high-tensile steel bolts and chain links. At 5 lbs (2.4 kgs) and 24 inches (610 mm) long overall, they feature center-cut heads on 16- by 1.25-inch (406- by 31.75-mm) Epoxiglas handles with vinyl hand grips. Catalog No. PSC4033475.
Hubbell Power Systems www.hubbellpowersystems.com

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