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Ground Rod Drivers

Atlas Copco introduces two hydraulic-powered ground rod drivers to accommodate a wide range of driving requirements, making them ideal for installing grounding systems. Both models can drive rods quickly to grounding depths of 7 ft to 10 ft (2 m to 3 m). Rods up to ¨ý inches (15.9 mm) in diameter can be driven with the LGRD-RV 16, while the LGRD-RV 25 can handle larger ground rods with diameters up to 1 inch (25.4 mm). Each driver delivers 1740 blows per minute.

Weighing 45 lb (20 kg) each, the ground rod drivers are well balanced, easy to use and feature a high power-to-weight ratio. Both drivers come with a remote-control operating valve, enabling the operator to engage the unit from a switch in the hydraulic line. Each model can be used on either an open-center or closed-center hydraulic system.
Atlas Copco www.atlascopco.com

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